Sunday, March 7, 2010


A taste of what's to come on the website:
(photo by AK McMillan)

FENCE was an awesome experience. It's so amazing to watch our riders in action. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support Scotsgrove! Remember: email any photos to to get stuff on the website or on the blog. ^.^

Our riders all did exceptionally well. The dressage tests were flown through! Sabine rode Skittles first in the (I believe?) Hopeful (or Beginner's Hopeful?) test and managed to keep the big red steam engine from getting too excited with the canter work! Katie rode Bill smoothly through their dressage test. It's amazing to see how far she's come with Bill! Caitlyn rode Skit and managed to not even flinch when music came BLARING through the loud speakers in the middle of her test. She came out placing FOURTH in her division after the dressage tests! Last was Sidney riding Lucky for their first away game, which went very well for being a first time for them both! No bolting, no running away, and no jumping out of the ring!

Next was jumping! Unfortunately Skit came up lame within the first minutes of jumping and was disqualified for both Sabine and Caitlyn. It was a very unhappy turn of events, but luckily it is believed to be just a stone bruise and nothing too serious. Katie and Bill had an interesting beginning with Bill leaving the arena after the first jump, which is situated right in front of the entrance/exit. Luckily they were able to come back because the jumps for the whole class were not correct. Leslie stood guard at the exit and Katie rode Bill through the first half of the jumping course with ease. Sadly there was a second jump facing the exit and Bill rode off course and was disqualified. But Katie gets many kudos for riding through Bill's issues! Last was Sidney and Lucky, our only pair remaining in the competition. The course started off a bit rocky with a dramatic refusal at the second jump, but Sidney stayed on and through the rest of the course they popped over every jump quietly, if a bit slowly from a walk/slow trot.
We were also able to watch Olympic gold medalist Beth Perkins ride two higher level dressage tests. I believe Ms. Perkins' mother was Leslie's first riding teacher. It was amazing to watch.

All in all, FENCE ended on a high note, despite the low notes in the middle. 
Thanks again to everyone who could make it out! 


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check out Leah!

(Photo provided by Donna Odom)

Leah was in a pageant and won Miss Photogenic! She won a $250.00 photo shoot and this is one of the pictures. Congratulations Leah!

~Gwen and the Barn Family