Monday, October 11, 2010

Barn News from Leslie!

Boo! Who does this adorable pumpkin belong to?
Tuesday night at 7 is the Middle Tyger Ruritan dinner meeting. Please RSVP to me or to Patti Kunz if you are coming! Hope to see you there!
Oct 24 is Green Creek Hunter Pace. I believe we have everything that is sound and old enough to ride signed up to go. I'm taking 6, Raggedy Ann is taking 4 of mine and 2 of theirs, and Autreys are bringing one of mine with Missy!  I do have 2 riders who have asked for horses, so if anyone's plans change, please let me know!
Oct 30 is our Halloween Gymkhana and Potluck dinner at the house after!  Costume class, ( be careful that the costume does not billow or make noise!), Ride a Card, Musical Stalls, Egg and Spoon, and Haunted Jump Course. Starts at 2:30 and goes until whenever! Bob and I will do a roast of beef. I do not organize potlucks any further than that!
Nov 13 is our horseshow, with classes for everyone!