Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Congratulations to Katie!

Yesterday Katie took Bill to FENCE for the Foothills Riding Club event and went Hopeful Division. She got a 7 on one trip down centerline, halt, salute, and an 8 on the other! Some very nice moments! One refusal cross country, on bright blue plastic barrels (and cross country jumps are supposed to be "natural"). Got it on the second approach and next was the water complex which he went through as if we'd schooled it all week! Finished with a nice jump over a coop made up and painted as a red barn, with shingled roof! One refusal on a full dress stadium course - flowers, scarecrows, pumpkins, brush boxes, etc. Great accomplishment to complete! I am very proud of our girl! You can catch pix at, she was #45 on Bill Bailey! His pix are worth seeing!