Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Exciting Email

In an email to Leslie, Sabine let us know how much her Scotsgrove training has come in handy with her riding instruction in Spain. Leslie was so thrilled she had to share!
   I had a lovely email from Sabine. It's the first time in 7 years she is not in camp here, but she is riding!  "I just wanted to express my gratitude from across the Atlantic for your instruction and the horses we learn to ride on at home. I'm at a horse camp in Spain and the instructor was so impressed with "Your work" on my "basics" and the attitude I had with a difficult horse that he won't let me ride the lesson horses and put me on his Selle Francais jumper!  The wind up toy horses here are no match for the Scotsgrove education! Thank you for making us think one step ahead of each horse because it really works! The horse I am riding here is making me really work on supporting him through his turns and keep a dead straight even stride into each jump because if I don't, he won't jump at all!  His education is giving me the feel of what show jumping is all about and making me love it more and more. The instructor here is awesome as well, respectful of the horses' legs, and teaching about balance and contact and how to get the horse on the bridle with the leg. The big horse I was on was only in a rubber snaffle! He was very big about training the flat first, and getting your circles balanced before jumping. However, as much fun as this is and physically challenging, I miss the mental challenge of Scotsgrove horses, and wanted to pass on the compliments on your teaching. Scotsgrove is getting it's name out and about 3000 miles away! "