Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sweets 4 Sarah

Sarah B. and Brynn are holding a bake sale during our Hunter Pace for Sarah McClintock. She has been diagnosed with a brain tumor after having double vision and migraines. Her surgery is scheduled for this week and everyone is very hopeful that she will make a full recovery.

For the bake sale Sarah B. and Brynn are asking the barn family to donate baked goods (nothing with frosting, all must be heat resistant!) that are already wrapped for sale. Everything will be priced at 50 cents, so all they need is individually wrapped treats! All proceeds will go to the McClintock family to help with medical costs. They are going to be at Scotsgrove bright and early on the 17th, so anyone that wants to contribute can bring their goodies that morning or plan for a breakfast of delicious muffins and cookies! Claire (Sarah B's mom) can be reached at cgbailey(at)bellsouth(dot)net if anyone has questions or wants to commit to a contribution.

Thank you to everyone for being the best barn family ever.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

News from Leslie

Thank you all for understanding my recent absence during the trip down to FL to see Mother. She is recovering at a fast clip now, but I'm going to be on stand by if she needs me in the next few weeks. I now need to ask you to add Sarah McClintock to your prayer list. Sarah has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor that was causing headaches and double vision. She is in ICU which means we cannot visit her at this point but our thoughts and prayers will be appreciated, and I will keep you posted on progress and when we can visit and cheer her up, though I am told that all the doctors and nurses are being told that she rides horses at Scotsgrove!
Bob held a work day last Sat for the Pace which is Sept 17, and there will be another work day the 10th, about 10 am.  I appreciate the turnout of volunteers to help with the Pace! The Ruritans are aging and it takes the barn family to fill in and bring it off the way we all like Scotsgrove to do it! And good practice with the Ruritans this time, because if we are luckier than we were last year, we'll have one in January for Scotsgrove, by Scotsgrove!  This one goes entirely to benefit the therapy riding at Children's Home.

See you all soon!