Monday, October 21, 2013

Shakerag Hunter Pace

Dear All,

Abby and I got up early to be out the back gate by 5 am Fri to hunt with Shakerag at Brush Creek! Had a nice run and wonderful hound music! 
The group was going back to kennels and on to a meal at GinaBelle's, but that was out of our way, so we caught brunch at Huddle House in Danielsville and wandered gently home!
After lessons Fri we had a houseful, and the alarm went off at 4:15 again on Sat!  Great grooming and tack cleaning, loading of hay, helmets, bridles, horse health book, and finally, 9 horses and riders, and we were off by about 6! We had 3 teams in the walk/trot/canter division of the Hunter Pace.  Katie on Echo and Caitlyn on Rio, new rides out in public for both, did well, jumped a few of the jumps and had fun!  Soline on Mickey and Allison on her own Dee enjoyed the course, although Mickey was pretty excited to be off the home farm for the first time in several years! Sarah and Karson, on Clue and Billy, eventually joined Yasmin on Folly, Rachel on Truffle and me on Erin. It was Karson's first time out with Team Scotsgrove, as it was for Rachel and Yasmin.  The threesome was in the walk/ trot division, but we did have about 4 short canters. It was a 6.4 mile course. We were only 1 1/2 minutes off optimum time and won our division!  
The Club sported riders to lunch  and a raffle of mostly horse equipment (several of us won items!)  and then we loaded up and came home to take care of horses, clean tack and trailer, and put horses out to pasture! We had been about 10% of the entries for the day!  I left the barn about 5 pm!  I bet we all slept well last night! Thank you all for your hard work. We were complimented on our turnout (Caitlyn had pulled a lot of manes! but everyone groomed thoroughly), many members commented on the juniors being a breath of fresh air, and Yasmin at 8 was by far the youngest participant and created a bit of a stir!


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